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European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Online Survey (EMIS): Design and Practices

European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Online Survey (EMIS): Design and Practices


Distinguishing Recruitment Settings

With regards to main recruitment EMIS could maybe not reproduce exactly just what had occurred in EMIS. Geo-spatial ‘dating’ smartphone applications (henceforth apps) had been only being launched and also the most of recruitment happened via web sites with conclusion occurring on computers. Smartphone apps had been commonly thought to end up being the method most MSM made experience of one another.

We planned to promote EMIS by marketing on: (1) sites of supportive organisations (national/trans-national, public/commercial/NGO HIV/LGBT etc.); (2) basic populace social network internet internet web web web sites (such as for example Twitter, Twitter and Instagram); (3) MSM targeted ‘dating’ smartphone apps and internet applications (henceforth, apps).

We utilized numerous online search techniques to determine just how many apps within the European market had been particular to MSM (including sub-groups or intimate sub-cultures). We identified 38 apps, for sale in English as well as minimum an added language. These included apps that went on mobile phones with GPS (generally known as mobile apps). Though maybe maybe maybe not theoretically mobile apps, we included cross-platform internet applications, available via any internet browser, that permitted users to create a certain location and purchase search returns by distance.

We undertook consultation that is online marketing methods in certain nations. We emailed all 412 unique details into the EMIS system to report regarding the study progress and invite input to your advertising techniques via a brief questionnaire. Lovers had been asked which apps/sites they suggested for advertising within their nation utilizing text that is free followed closely by collection of five from the prompted a number of 38 multi-lingual apps.