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Wheat Initiative’s Agronomy Professional Working Group Found Farmers Are Searching For Credible Sources of Extension Information

Wheat Initiative’s Agronomy Professional Working Group Found Farmers Are Searching For Credible Sources of Extension Information

Grower study shall help contour the continuing future of wheat expansion tools


Berlin, Germany. The Wheat Initiative’s Agronomy Professional performing Group (EWG) is attempting to better know how knowledge mobilization and technology transfer tools may be adjusted to fulfill local requirements in a world that is digital.

The team conducted a survey to determine the most trusted sources of agronomic information and how growers like to receive extension information under the leadership of wheat agronomists from the USA, Canada and Australia.

The Agronomy Expert performing Group received 208 study responses from growers in Canada, the usa, and Australia. Growers indicated that their most trusted resources of wheat agronomic information comes from Government/University Extension Staff and On-Farm Testing of Agronomic Practices Conducted on Farm. Crop walks and reality sheets had been the most truly effective two expansion practices chosen by growers.

Social networking, Agribusiness organizations, personal merchants, and Farm Press had been recognized as minimal trusted information sources. The study demonstrably suggested there was a necessity for legitimate wheat extension that is agronomic tools on the basis of the after findings:

85% of study participants think wrong wheat agronomic information is often or usually circulated to growers.

87% of study participants often or usually battle to determine legitimate vs. non-credible agronomic information.

70% of study participants suggested information branded using the Wheat Initiative Logo could be useful in distinguishing legitimate agronomic information.

72% of growers would earnestly look for home elevators a Wheat Initiative Agronomic Professional performing Group internet site.

A hyperlink towards the survey that is full is available

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